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Korea Academic Council on the United Nations System

President. Choi

President’s Greetings.

Hello. I am Dong-Ju Choi, the 9th president of the Korea Academic Council on the United Nations System.

Criticism and concerns about the usefulness of the UN system are growing day by day amid the transitional crises facing the international community, such as the climate crisis and Russia's invasion of Ukraine. But what can replace the United Nations system, which has developed in the spirit of freedom and solidarity? In order to prevent cracks in the liberal international order and continue inclusive multilateralism, the UN system must be developed more firmly.

In particular, Korea's history of being a beneficiary of the dispatch of UN troops during the Korean War and having a special relationship with the UN in the process of establishing and developing its government shows the importance of international cooperation based on the UN system. Korea is set to become a non-permanent member of the UN Security Council (Security Council) for the third time in 2024-2025, following 1996-1997 and 2013-2014. If elected in this June election, Korea, as a non-permanent member of the board of directors, will further expand its practical contributions to freedom, peace and prosperity in the international community.

Established in 1999, the Korean Association for United Nations Systems Studies (KACUNS) aims for multidisciplinary consideration and analysis of global challenges and practical research that presents multilateral solutions centered on the United Nations. The newly formed 9th Executive Division will actively strive to strengthen cooperation with the United Nations Systematic Society (ACUNS) and provide various opportunities for exchange and communication among members of various majors, along with the main activities of the society.

We hope that all member teachers of the Korean United Nations System Society will achieve unparalleled achievements in their research and educational activities, and we ask for your continued encouragement and support.

Thank you.

Korea Academic Council on the United Nations System

President. Choi Dong-joo

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